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Snowy Strata Services offers a wide selection of Payment Options.

Please click through the list below for a more detailed review of each service.

Payment Options

Pay via the Internet
From your pre-registered bank account – or credit card perform a direct bank deposit and quote your customer reference number. Westpac users
Click here.

Pay by Post
Detach the payment slip on your levy payment notice and send
it with your cheque to The Owners Strata Plan xxxxx (your plan number)
Snowy Strata Services
PO Box 928
Jindabyne NSW 2627

Late Payment Fees
By law interest is charged at 10% P.A. on all overdue levies.

Pay by B Pay
At this stage we do not accept B Pay or over the phone payments.

Online Proxy Form


as my/our proxy for the purposes of the meeting of the owners corporation (including adjournments of meetings)

Period or numbers of meeting for which appointment of proxy has effect
( Tick or tick and complete whichever)

(Note: The appointment cannot have effect for more than 12 months or 2 consecutive annual general meetings (AGM), whichever is the greater. If no selection is made by the person giving the proxy, the proxy is effective only for one meeting).

Name of agent
(this number represents execution of the document)


1. A proxy is not authorised to vote on a matter:

(a) if the person appointed the proxy is present at the relevant meeting and personally votes on the matter, or
(b) so as to confer a pecuniary or other material benefit on the proxy, if the proxy is a strata managing agent, caretaker or on-site residential property manager.

2. This form is ineffective unless it is given to the secretary of the owners corporation at or before the first meeting in relation to which it is to operate and it contains the date on which it was made.

3. This form will be revoked by a later proxy appointment form delivered to the secretary of the owners corporation in the manner described in the preceding paragraph.

Snowy Strata Services
Snowy Strata Services

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